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Hai Tian Dumplings
Hai Tien Dumplings and Noodles – He Ping W. Road Sec. 3, No.166. (Wan Hua – Long Shan Temple MRT) Taipei City (02) 2306-2385 (7 days a week 7:30AM-9PM)


Taipei City, ZhonShan district, Nong An street N.2-3
Tel: 02-2598-8878

Taiwanese staple food consists for the biggest part of noodles and rice. There are many different types and categories of noodles to chose from. The most commonly eaten can be divided into three categories.

First are the flour noodles, respectively, lasagna, spaghetti, oil noodles, noodle, cake aberdeen.The second class of noodles are made from rice like rice noodles, Mi Taimu.Another type would be such noodles made from Dongfen Mung bean.

In Taiwan, during some of the national holidays, Taiwanese people will eat some special dishes. For example,it is a tradition to eat glutinous rice balls during the Lantern Festival.The glutinous rice dumplings are usually filled with sesame seeds or peanut-butter.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the so called zong-zi or rice dumplings will be the main dish for many days.These rice dumplings or zong-zi are filled with meat and wrapped in bamboo leaves. There are the rice cake dumplings, alkali dumplings, red bean dumplings and, of course, the vegetarian dumplings.Other ingredients are pork, mushrooms, salted egg yolk, peanuts and dried shrimp. The next festival is the Mid-Autumn Festival.
This day we will eat moon cake which are filled with red beans, white bean paste, green beans, curry, taro, pineapple and egg yolk ...If you are not around in Taiwan for these festivals, do not worry. In Taipei city, you can buy these dishes all year around.
The best way to experience Taiwanese cuisine is to visit one of the famous night-markets.
The traditional Taiwan night-markets in Taipei are a great tourist attraction. There are a number of night-markets in Taipei you can visit such as, Wanhua Night Market area, Raohe Night Market, Shihlin Night Market, Shida night-market, Tonghua Night Market, Ningxia Night Market, Liaoning Night Market and the south airport night market.Especially at Jingmei night market and Wanhua night market you can eat delicious traditional Taiwanese snacks every night.
Taiwanese food culture does not fall behind any other major cuisines. The best way to explore the different diets available in Taiwan is to visit the markets in and around Taipei.
We will also introduce a huge variety of food in Taipei.

These are some short video sequences about Shida University night market.


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