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Zhongshan Metro Mall
World's longest undrground shopping mall. The perfect way to go shopping on rainy days.

Smile Kid Learning Store
A bookstore in Taipei selling children's English books.
NO.49-1 YunHe Street. Taipei, Taiwan Tel: 02-23690026 Fax: 02-23690027 in the Shida road area

If you are a foreigner nine feet tall, big and your shoe size is large, shopping clothes in Taipei can be quite an experience in Taiwan.

Normally you would enter a shoe store and pick a pair of shoes you like then ask the sales clerk to bring you the once that fit your feet. In Taipei, however, you might end up entering the store and asking the salesperson for the biggest shoes they have. What ever he brings you and fits suits your fancy you pay and go.

Don't worry! It used to be like this about ten years ago but things have improved. Young people seem to grow taller and bigger in recent years. This could be just a subjective perception but I am 190cm myself and I see more young Taiwanese taller than me. Am I shrinking?

People with a desire to experience a little home while preparing their meals might get a little homesick from time to time. The mustard is not the same, there is no real vanilla bean, and you can't find the right kind of flour and yeast, no Mexican tortillas.

We recommend you a number of places that will ease you a long stay in Taiwan. You really don't have to get homesick over some food supplies.

However, if you are wearing a green T-shirt right now and you think you look cool, it is time for you to go home.


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