DEHP scandal in Taiwan

DEHP added as a clouding agent into sports and soft-drinks in Taiwan.

Are you a lover of some fancy looking sports drinks? Hope not! While other governments are concerned about DHEP Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate leaking from its container's plastic into the food, this guy here in Taiwan mixes it straight into the drinks. What for?
To make it taste better?
To make it last longer?
No! Just to make it look a little cloudy. Irresponsible as a rich ass can be, his only response when question was; “other countries add more poison into the food.”

Lai Chun-Chieh (賴俊傑) is accused to have been adding industrial plasticizing agent ( DEHP) to the clouding agent he produces. This clouding agent was supplied to more than 40 soft-drink and dairy manufacturers around Taiwan.
DEHP is known to be highly carcinogenic. It also causes hormonal changes in the body especially in young children and during pregnancy. DEHP could lead to feminization in boys during puberty.

Lai Chun-Chieh was detained by the authorities. The FDA is meanwhile busy tracing all the downstream business and pulling all the products in question off the shelves.


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DEHP scandal in Taiwan