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The regulations for working visas do change from time to time so we cannot provide you with legal guidance on our website. There are some general facts about teaching legally we can provide you with.

If you want to teach English in Taiwan legally, you will need to be from an English speaking country such as England, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. It is required that you have at least the so called bachelor degree.

Processing your working visa application can be a little tricky. You need to find an Employer who can sponsor your working permit. You are not allowed to start working before the permit is issued, not even giving demo classes is permitted before that. If you get caught doing anything in front of students without a working permit, you are in trouble an most likely will lose the right to be in Taiwan, in other words, they will kick you out.

If you successfully obtained a working permit, you can work only for the location stated on your A.R.C.. I emphasized on location and not employer because and employer might have different addresses where they want you to work. Make sure all these places are listed on your ARC. If they are not listed there and you get caught, your visa eventually will be canceled. Also, most schools do not care about this very much and want you to do one or the other illegal work for them. They will calm you down saying that they got you covered. Bullshit! They do not give a DS about you and while you are in the process of getting kicked out, they will be already looking for a replacement.

Another big problem is if you start working for the school while your visa is still being processed. Most employers will ask you to start working right away. If you don't, someone else might take the job and if you do, you will lose all legal support in the event of a dispute over your contract.

Teaching English in Taiwan legally is possible but personally I don't know anybody who was teaching here legally at all times.

Please use the comment function if you have something to add to this.


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